Desegurox World

We have developed an underwriting platform that simplifies the insurance process from Sales, Policy maintenance, Claims and Accounts. It has a fully integrated accounting framework to help cater for financial transactions and reports.

Simple product configuration

Spend less time configuring products. Desegurox has no limit on the type and number of products you would want to set up. It has a very flexible tool that lets you define the structure of your products.

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Straightforward policy administration

Quickly quote customers and track your sales pipeline for conversion ratios.

Use dashboards to have an overview on productivity and quality. Keep track of renewals and notify customers on time.

Easy and fast policy document generation and versioning.

Include multiple products in one policy and maintain it with simple steps.

Leverage on our in-built accounting framework to reduce time, effort and costs involved with keeping track of insurance transactions.

Generate reports on an ad-hoc basis to get a comprehensive position of your business.